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Atlas carries VW on its back; 2018 Tiguan helps

With a combined total of about 45 percent of total sales, VW's Atlas and Tiguan are carrying the automaker's sales boom. With sedan sales lagging -- the Golf family is the exception -- the automaker must be happy that Atlas is in the mix.

Having been an automotive writer for a long time – don’t ask, don’t tell – I can say I have seen a number of awards made by car writers. For example, every year the New England Motor Press Assn. gets together in the middle of some of the worst weather imaginable – they love it, believe me – and they thrash around the outback to try and find the best vehicles for winter weather, and, by extension the rest of the year. I guess the thinking was, when they dreamed this torture test up, that if a vehicle can handle snow, ice, rain and any manner of road surface in the winter, then it should be good for the rest of the year.

More than one auto writing group award

Atlas carries VW on its back; 2018 Tiguan helps
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