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Car Forum: Are 1967 Mercedes 200 Cars Reliable? Basically - should I look into a classic or
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Old 08-15-2010, 12:19 PM
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Are 1967 Mercedes 200 Cars Reliable? Basically - should I look into a classic or

something more modern? I'm thinking of getting a classic car. Yes I'm a female but I dabble in everything. I'm not so worried about cosmetics as I am functionality. I found an affordable '67 Mercedes 200, diesel, 4-dr, pristine condition, manual transmission, that I'm SERIOUSLY considering to go and check out. My brother is worried if I choose a classic car such as this that there won't be any parts available if needed. I just want something reliable that gets closer to 20+mpg. Supposedly these old Mercedes' get around 30+. I'm thinking of seeing the vehicle today but thought I'd toss the question on here to see if anyone can offer any info. This vehicle is a real beauty and I'm not sure but it MAY be a strictly southern vehicle (ex. limited rust from when it was driven). The guy selling it has owned it for over 42 years and says it's been garage kept.

As a main form of transportation, should I take the dive or stay with modern technology? Thank you for your time!
Thank you for your time and answer! My brother just said (a few minutes ago) to see how much a clutch would cost just in case it were to go out to have an idea. The interior IS IMPECCABLE! Here are a few photos...
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