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Car Forum: Why might my 2002 Mazda Mpv have smoke coming from passenger tire.?
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Old 04-15-2013, 12:46 AM
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Why might my 2002 Mazda Mpv have smoke coming from passenger tire.?

My husband and I just brought a 2002 Mazda MPV. While driving it home the van began to buck like it was having problems shifting, the battery light also came on. Then when we parked the van we notice a white smoke coming from under the front passenger tire. We open up the hood but did not notice any smoke while opening the hood. However we still tried to locate where the smoke could possibly be coming from. While looking under the hood we checked the belts and they seemed fine. However the coolant reservoir is located in the area where we seen the smoke. I open the reservoir and notice the coolant looked muddy. So I figured that the van may just need a radiator flush but when I spoke to a mechanic over the phone about the muddy coolant he said that it may be muddy because the van may have a leak and there could be sealant in the reservoir. Then he replied that if that be the case he would not recommend a flush. From the description that I gave you could someone please tell me where the smoke may be coming from, why my battery light may be on, if you would recommended a coolant flush and why the van may be bucking?
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Old 04-15-2013, 12:50 AM
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I think your on the right track with a coolant issue but ONLY if the smoke smelled sweet not rubbery.
Sweet smelling smoke means coolant leak and it could be a hose or the radiator or a gasket on the engine leaking. You'll have to find where its coming from. Muddy coolant could be maybe a leak issue but more likely rust (more so on older cars with iron engines) or oil from a blown head gasket (bucking issue).
Has your coolant level been dropping? and has the oil level risen? A head gasket could cause both and then cause the coolant to boil over (extreme heat from exhaust gas in coolant, which also could cause muddy look). The battery light came on probobly because the coolant spilled onto the alternator and managed to fry it.

So either head gasket or a simple leak
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