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Car Forum: This Mazda Miata Still Looks New After 25 Years
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Old 04-15-2018, 12:51 AM
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This Mazda Miata Still Looks New After 25 Years

A Reddit user IMHO-GUY has done a good job keeping his Mazda Miata looking new even after nearly 25 years.

He posted this Miata's picture on Reddit today, showing how well it was kept for nearly 25 years.

This is a 1995 M-edition Miata. Note that the original Nardi leather shift know is a rare thing these days. It just needs to get restitched a little bit. I would get it done ASAP before the original leather starts to peel back.

However, restitching is a risky thing on an old leather. Some people say their old leather just tore when they tried to restitching it.

Preventative maintenance is a good thing not only for Mazda Miatas, but for any car.

Overall this Miata has a beautiful interior. Look at those flip-down cup holders.

This Mazda Miata Still Looks New After 25 Years
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