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Car Forum: advice/website links to repair 1993 Chevy Corsica?
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Old 09-21-2013, 11:05 PM
Nataly Nataly is offline
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advice/website links to repair 1993 Chevy Corsica?

Does anybody know any links to repair manuals or youtube videos on learning the different parts of the engine and how to do an overall check-up?
Two windows are off track.
Something thumps in the engine whenever I turn the steering wheel.
The AC isn't that good plus the little slots are broken loose as well.
and the radio skips which isn't that big a deal. The wires are just all a mess so it's hard to say what's loose but I'd rather work on that last.
all the liquid levels are good (oil, power steering fluid, etc)
I'm stationed overseas and don't want to take it the car shop on base (expensive and I'd rather learn to do it myself) We're not allowed off base so doing it yourself or paying somebody else are the only other options.
Any tips on self-maintenance, please?
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Old 09-21-2013, 11:08 PM
Humveetech Humveetech is offline
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Off Base?? You could check out, they have GM service manuals online & paperback as well. For the windows off track, usually its the plastic clip that clips on the side of the glass that breaks on those. Cant help you with the A/C but the base should have those self do it yourself shops with tools. Not sure if they have an A/C machine though

The thumping sound may be the steering intermediate shaft
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