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Car Forum: 1994 chevy corsica cooling hose?
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Old 05-17-2014, 07:11 PM
jordan jordan is offline
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1994 chevy corsica cooling hose?

I'm working on my girlfriends car and she lost her coolant after hearing a loud pop noise. I have the car jacked up and I've found the hose with no connection and coolant flows straight through the system and out of that specific hose. I've searched for over 40 minutes and can't find a connection for that stupid hose. It's not the heater core hoses those are on the driver side and both are fine. The hose I'm referring to is on the passenger side and aims straight down and is in the shape of an elbow. There's no markings of a hose clamp on the outside either. PLEASE HELP! Does this thing just need a screw stuck in it with a clamp around it!?
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