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Car Forum: How much is a '69 AMC AMX worth?
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Old 10-27-2009, 11:46 AM
itsjustme itsjustme is offline
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How much is a '69 AMC AMX worth?

My sister and I have acquired our dads 1969 AMX. Neither one of us have the capability (knowledge or funds) of rebuilding it or even knowing where to start. We are going through our options, one of which is to sell it. I need to know how much it is worth or any websites that are good to pull up for more information. I do understand there are factors and variables as to how much it would be worth, so just a ballpark range would be great.
It has a straight body, a little surface rust, but not much. Manual transmission. All parts are present however it does not run. Needs new interior and new paint.

Any suggestions or information you can give would be great!

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Old 10-27-2009, 11:46 AM
RichardJ RichardJ is offline
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You and your sister are fortunate to have acquired a classic vehicle from your father. I understand your anxiety, however, when faced with how to proceed with this new acquisition. If you choose to sell it, one choice would be to place it on eBay with a low starting bid (say $100) and have a reserve that represents what you would be satisfied to obtain. If you do a search online for "1969 AMC AMX" you will get an idea of what these cars go for when they have been restored (from $15000 to $30000). So for a "rebuilder" you might think about how much money a person would need to invest to get your Dad's car to the point of being restored.. Say $2000 for engine work, $2000 for interior, $5000 for new paint, $500 for tires, $500 for marketing, and then a person who buys that car probably wants to do more than break even, so add $5000 for profit, that represents $15000 right there. So, you might shoot for the mid range, say the final car might be worth $22000 or so -- hence 22000 minus 15000 gives 7000 as a reasonable amount you might expect to get for a rebuilder. So maybe put your reserve at $4000 or $5000 and cross your fingers. Do a good job of describing the history and condition of your car, take plenty of pictures of it (engine, body, underneath, inside, etc). Hopefully this gives you some ideas. Others can probably offer more information. Good luck with whatever you decide, even if it's to keep it in the family! All the best, Rick
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