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120 volt charging connector plug VERY HOT


New member
Part#: 7PP971678D

I have both the 240 volt and 110-120 volt cable plugs for my A3 Sportback e-tron portable charger. The 110-120 volt plug gets VERY hot during charging, almost melting the plastic plug cover.

I reread the manual and discovered that operating temperature is only up to 95F (35C). It is often well above that temperature where I live in California for weeks of the summer. I have used other EV chargers that do not get this hot and have not had problems with ambient temperatures even up to 45C.

Is this a flaw which needs to be corrected before an A3 Sportback e-tron owner has a fire at his/her home or garage/carport?

At least I have my wall mount 32 amp GE Wattstation which I can use at home, but when I am at a friend's home, I use the portable charger and plug into a standard mains 120 volt outlet. I should NOT feel like I am about to be severely burned when I unplug the charger.


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