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1982 mercedes-benz 300 D turbo diesel veggie conversion?


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this is for people who are familiar on veggie oil conversions for a 1982 mercedes-benz 300 D turbo diesel. i need the steps, cost, scale of 1-10 on difficulty, really anything anyone knows to help. ill be doing research, but im just asking the public for any tips or suggestions. thanks!!!


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Dr. Rudolph Diesel invented his "Rational Heat Engine" to run on any oil readily available to people in remote areas. A peanut farmer could use peanut oil as fuel for it, a cattle rancher could render fat and use that. So with that in mind, you can already use whatever oil you like. The fuel must be the right viscosity and have proper lubricity. Use fuel hose for any lines that will carry the oil. Hardware store hose will quickly rot. This project can be very very difficult if you want to do it perfectly.

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