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1985 Oldsmobile Toronado mpg?


New member
The old EPA for this car is 17city/22highway/19combined and the new (revised) EPA is 15city/20highway/17combined. Which is more accurate? It says the new EPA average is tested by using faster speed and acceleration, air conditioner use, and colder outside temperatures. The car I am asking about is low mileage and pretty much like new mechanically and cosmetically. I don't put the car through heavy acceleration and the fastest I drive is the speed limit (usually less) and I rarely use the air conditioning. Judging by what I said do you think the new EPA or the old EPA is most accurate for me?

Otts Shoals

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The new numbers. When EPA changed to "faster speed" that put it closer to the speed limit. Before, the speed was about half the speed limit and those number were not realistic. You should expect 10-20% lower than the new numbers. When EPA tests, there is no actual driving. It is done in a lab on a dyno measuring tail exhaust and doing calculations.

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