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1985 Oldsmobile Toronado needs transmission oil?


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Well yesterday I check my trans and it needs oil... where do I put the transmission oil at or can I put it where the dip stick at?

Fly Inverted

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You add oil to that transmission through the dipstick tube. As mentioned, the engine must be running and the transmission should be up to operating temperature. You need a "gooseneck funnel", a funnel with a flexible spout on it.

If the oil level is low, you have a leak. Another place to look, it seems to me that this transmission has a modulator valve on it. I won't explain what it does. It has a small diaphram in it. If the diaphram is broken, you could burn transmission oil in your engine. a simple repair, not expensive, just replace the valve, but you need a mechanic to check it.


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Every time I hear someone checked their automatic transmission fluid and they don't mention a leak I can't help but wonder if they really how to read ATF level properly. The transmission needs to be at operating temperature so test it after driving at least 10 miles. You have to have the motor running. Reading the dipstick is difficult and you need to check both sides of the dipstick. If you add ATF make sure you buy the correct type and let the ATF drain for a couple of minutes after adding it through the dipstick tube. You will need a special small funnel that fits the tube and add the ATF slowly. The level rises faster than when adding motor oil to the motor. If it is low start checking for where the ATF is going. Transmissions don't use oil like a motor does. If there is no external leak ATF can leak into the antifreeze through a bad ATF cooler which is located inside the radiator.

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