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1998 W208 Mercedes CLK320 Fuel and Ignition Problem?


New member
Hi everyone,

I have an issue with my fuel pump and ignition system.

I recently bottomed out on some raised tarmac twice on some really poor country roads, first time roll over protection raised but started again second time I drove around 15km(10mi) and switched car off, tried starting back up and just cranks over no ignition and fuel pressure whatsoever.

I've tried almost everything I can think of but cannot figure this one out.

The fuel pump doesn't prime. Checked relays tried swapping with similar relays in the car also checked fuses everything seems ok. No obvious burnt wires or loose fuse box wires. Bridged fuel pump from the fuel pump relay terminals (87 to 30) and the fuel pump activated but it still didn't start.

Fuel pump only works when bridged
Fuel pressure builds when fuel pump bridged
Doesn't start when fuel pump bridged
No obvious blown fuses or relays
No spark.

Does anyone has any prior experience or ideas as to what may have happened?

Thank you.

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