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2005 RX330 bluetooth cam installation


New member
New member here. Hope the group can help!

I own a 2005 RX 330.

I have purchased a bluetooth backup cam (DoHonest HD rear/front cam & monitor).
It can function wirelessly with the power tied into the backup lights, or a wire can be run to a power source in the cigarette lighter.

I've taken off the 2 panels inside the lift gate and it's not obvious which wire i should use.
I can't find a tutorial for my model anywhere online.

I tried to drill a hole above the license plate in order to install it with the wire, but I guess I don't have the right drill bits for the metal.
I can't figure out any other access holes that I can use.

The most significant thing is that the wire has this wide/flat part just before the four pin connector measuring about 3mm x 9mm that has to also pass though the hole.

It's a car that I bought for $1500 so I'm not afraid to do something unconventional, but would prefer that it didn't negatively impact resale.

I will be doing this myself and alone.
I would appreciate suggestions which adhere to those parameters, especially video links solving this problem with the same or similar model.

Thanks for playing!

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