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2008 Frontier stereo wiring


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I am replacing the stereo in my '08 Frontier. The one I'm taking out was also a replacement of the stock radio (previous owner must have done it). I have identified all the wires for the radio -- the 8 speaker wires and the 2 power wires (yellow battery power, green/black for switched / ACC). That's all well and good.

However, there are 2 other wires coming out of the bundle. A red one and a grey one (and they are not the FR- and RR+ speaker wires that are also red & grey, respectively; These are a different red & grey wire). These were not connected to the replacement stereo, from what I can tell (it was an electrical tape mess that I had to undo).

My question is, does anyone know what these wires are supposed to be used for? I'd like to use them on my new stereo if they can be used. I've seen some stereos with an "Illuminate" wire, and others with wires for the parking brake and reverse wires (for DVD playback and backup cameras, respectively). Can anyone confirm what these are?



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So, I found a link that talks about various generations of Frontier wiring. Interestingly, in the 2009-2014 section, it describes my scenario exactly (another red & grey wire). Weird thing is, I have a 2008. Is it possible my 2008 has the 2009 wiring scheme, and all the documentation out there is off by 1 year? Here's the link:


According to this, the red is for Illumination and the grey is for Dimmer.

Your thoughts?

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