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2008 Sedona New ECM questions


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My first post here and I have quite the mystery on my hands.

I have a 2008 Sedona EX, 3.8L V6. It started missing with a blinking CEL, shaking, stalling, the whole deal. Now, I have a 2008 Santa Fe that did some similar stuff a while back. I knew with that one that I really needed to change the plugs and once I did that, it ran fine with no issues.

This time around on the Sedona, I did the same thing, plus I replaced the rear coils because with the general pain in the butt the job was, I didn't want to be doing it again any time soon. Problem is, this time, that did not fix the issue. Same rough idling, same trouble codes, same problem.

It gives me P0018, P0300, P0302, and P0304. Checking the 18, I found info stating the crankshaft or camshaft sensor on that side could be bad. Not having a P0019 to go with it, I opted to change the camshaft sensor on that side figuring if it was the crankshaft sensor I would have a sync issue with both sides of the engine. Changing it had no effect.

During my work on the van, I noticed unplugging various sensors to keep the computer in open loop caused it to run great, but I knew that was not a fix so I used that opportunity to drive it a few miles over to the mechanic. He has had it for the past 2 days and let me know today he thinks it is the ECM. The fuel injectors on cylinders 2 and 4 stop pulsing after a couple minutes and that is causing the misfires. He says they aren't getting a signal from the computer like they should.

He indicated I should contact the dealership and get a new ECM because he can't do that due to the new ECM requiring flashing that he does not have the equipment for. I contacted the dealer and they want around $1200 plus labor.

Now, I don't have that kind of money just to throw around, so I decided to look up what I could about getting an ECM used. I found quite a market for them, which I find surprising since the dealer said it requires a new ECM, we can't flash used one, once a VIN is programmed into an ECM, it can't be reprogrammed.

Would such a lively market for used ECMs exist if they indeed could not be reflashed with a new VIN?

I am not buying the explanation by the dealer. What do I need to have on hand to replace an ECM and flash it with a new VIN? If such equipment is cost prohibitive, can I get one of these many businesses I have seen online to send me a pre-programmed ECM if I give them my VIN? I really don't want to spend around $1500, if I can get out of this for $300-$500.

Is the dealer being truthful or are they just blowing smoke to sell new parts at a handsome markup?

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