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2008 V6 Mercury Milan Cylinder 3 Misfire


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My Milan has a cyl 3 misfire code, the check engine light typically flashes while driving, what I've done is:
Swapped spark plugs/coil packs...no change.
Compression reading at 150psi, fuel injectors are fine.

The plug to the coil pack on cylinder 3 reads 3.0V while the others read considerably lower. Could that be the cause? Wiring harness? I've a couple people say it's the PCM.....Any ideas? *Considers killing car instead of fixing it*

I went to a guy and had a second opinion since my guy couldn't figure it out, the 2nd guy used a tool (I forget what it's called, it looks kinda like a pen) and he said it was a coil pack, point blank period...it is not.....
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