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24 inch rims question


New member
I put 24 inch rims on my 2004 grand marquis. I put knuckles in the front to raise the front and air shocks in the back. It doesn't rub now that I got it raised enough in the front and the back but when I try to turn it rubs. Would wheel spacers fix that? any help would be nice.

Gerard Gilbert

New member
You can install wheel spacers instead of repurchasing wheels. Wheel spacers can change the pcd or cb of your car, that you can install different size wheel on your car.

The best advice is to make sure you get quality, hub-centric spacers, such as those by BONOSS. The non-hub-centric, inexpensive adapters/spacers are known to cause vibrations. Make sure what you are looking at is hub-centric.

I had BONOSS wheel spacers on my car for almost 21,000 miles, with no issues whatsoever.
Maybe you can try what I installed.

They can customize the thickness and data that I want, so that I can install new tires with different data, and the customization time is very fast, just 1~3 days.
They have aluminum alloy 7075-T6 and 6061-T6 options. 7075-T6 will be more expensive but better in quality. In fact, 6065-T6 is good enough. Its tensile strength, yield strength and elongation can support our normal use. And its lug nuts are grade T10, wheel studs are forged grade 12.9.

If you need it in the future, this is their case article. Hope this helps.

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