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85 oldsmobile toronado battery dies?


New member
i have a 85 oldsmobile toronado and if i dont drive my car for like 2 days my battery will be dead and i have to get it recharged... i think i have a bad ground wire but i dont know... ANY HELP????

Country Boy

New member
#1. Recharge the battery. Get a free *15 second load test on it from any store other than Auto Zone where new ones are sold. A load test will tell you the reserve amperage capacity of the battery.

#2. Touch the battery terminals with volt meter leads with the meter set @ 20 volts with the engine running. IF the alternator is charging properly, the volt meter will read between 13.5 - 14.2 volts.


New member
have your alternator checked it sounds like its the problem. making barely enough voltage to run the car but not charging the battery.

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