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93 Tempo Seatbelt Retractor Oddly Intermittent

Jody Barefoot

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The driver side automatic seatbelt retractor "usually" works when the car is "cold" i.e. the first time the door is opened. After that it stays at the A pillar and the retractor motor does not run. Next day or maybe later on it will work again but usually only once. This started happening suddenly. The temperature "seems" to have an effect on it but I am not certain of that. I know there is a module that operates it along with some limit switches. What is the most likely component to have failed, and where are the switches? Could this be a loose plug? I only have a vague idea of how the system works.

EDIT: Doing a search I saw one owner said his was related to a worn ignition switch and began just before said switch failed completely. My ignition switch is badly worn mechanically and sometimes jams but has always seemed to function electrically. I'm wondering if that could be the problem. Anyone have any ideas?
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