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another engine noise, any ideas?


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I just started hearing this high pitched tinkle sound the other day. It only starts after engine heats up. I never heard it before, so it's a new noise. Cant hear it with high revs, but it might just be drowned out by louder engine.

First occurred after first startup and warm up of engine after about 1.5 to 2 months not run at all while i swapped out the three rear coils. I dont think it's anything that I did, but I know it was not making this noise previously.


190k miles, 2gr fe toyota engine, I have no idea of the maintenance history but suspect it's been kinda neglected. Within the last 6 months ive done most all the scheduled maintenance items and a few more, like replace trany oil (twice).

Listen to noise here. This site always gets speaker to off, so you need to click the speaker symbol in upper right of uploaded file.



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so, since now they embed the link, you cant click the speaker. I guess this is hi tech?

Well here is the link. I need to figure out how to send the link without this site knowing it's a link, so they dont embed it again.

((https:// imgur dot com/a/TE4NRZE)}


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someone said maybe its the belt, which I changed a few hundred miles ago. they say spray wator on belt and if it stops noise, then its the belt.

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