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Audi s5, bmw m3, c63 amg, or m5?


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Like the title says, im looking for a luxurious, fun, and fast car for my next vechicle. I'd much rather buy a used car than a new one. Gas mileage isnt a big deal to me, speed, sound, and comfortability are what matter most. Looking to stay $40K or under

I'd like to see some pro's or con's to answers. I love all 4 of these cars listed and its really hard to make up my mind.

Audi S5
Mercedes-benz C63 AMG

Thank you,


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I had an Audi A4 and it was a nightmare. So much maintenance and extremly expensive to fix every time something goes wrong. The 40k sticker price might not bother you but I'd be surprised if the maintenance prices don't drive you crazy


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These are all great, great machines - genuine Autobahn stormers and all are at the top of the pinnacle. Whether you buy new or pre-owned be sure you have the financial reserves to keep any of them vigilantly maintained. They're complex, highly-evolved examples of the masterful German engineering art. German engineers used to have an axiom they lived by, "Warum einfach wenn man kompliziert kann?" (Why make it easy, when you can make it complicated?)

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