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brakes siezing up


New member
I have an 09 Sedona ex 65,000 mi. I bought this van 2.5 months ago and wondered why someone traded in such a low mi vehicle, now I know. The right front caliper keeps seizing up, It happens after driving for a while, both front brakes get extremely hot with the right side getting so hot that you can pour water on the wheel and it sizzles. Took it to the kia dealer for repairs, replaced right front caliper, master cylinder , both front rotors , all the brake pads and changed the brake fluid.

Still does it, have it at the Toyota dealer where I bought it and with some prodding from me they are pulling the master cylinder and checking the push rod length of the booster into the master cylinder thinking that it might be out of spec and constantly applying a small amount of pressure on the master cylinder and not letting the fluid to completely return. As I drive the fluid is becoming hot and expanding and since it cant return completely it causes the pistons to keep expanding the pads.
These are my thoughts , any other ideas or anything else to check ? These guys are lost and I must be the only person with this problem. Thanks!

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