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Buying a 1971 Ford Ranchero GT?


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I am looking at buying my first car (I am 21 and in college) and I really want to get something unique. I really like the el camino and Ranchero. I have been looking at options and am looking for some advice. I am careful with cars and willing to put effort and time into one to keep it for years.
I need a car that will last a while (yes I am fine with some repair work) and work as a daily driver. My daily commute will not be very far, 20 miles tops, and only rarely going on trips over 40 miles.
I know a little about car repair and engines, but I am willing to put in effort and some money to general repairs and replacements. I have access to a pretty decent shop so I can handle most repairs (I'm thinking).
What are your thoughts on a ranchero or el camino being my first car. I have found a few on craigslist that seem good. Any thoughts on what to look for before buying or if I have the completely wrong attitude toward this. I have about 10-15k to spend on this.
Here is a link to a car I am looking into:


Thoughts or suggestions for me would be fantastic. or anywhere else to look to buy one (other than ebay or craigslist)

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