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Can Anone tell me what happend to my Caldina


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I was driving along normal as could be properly going about 50-60 km/h then all of a sudden I heard a real horrible noise coming from the engine sort of like a grinding crossed with a flat tyre. I pulled over and turned the car off straight away. as I went to pull over the lights on the dash came on all at once. I quickly got out of the vehicle and looked under the bonnet oil was squirting out all over the firewall as if it was coming from the back of the block. I went to start the car again and I heard the pistons hit the top of the head and stop. from there the car wouldn't do anything at all if I tried to start it. I got it towed home and it sat for a week before I looked at it again.
I checked the radiator and there was no water, so first thing I did was checked the oil it wasn't milky from there I noticed oil was extremely high and when I undone the sump bolt found all the radiator water was siting in the bottom of the sump. probably didn't mix cause I had turned the car off straight away. I've manually turned the crank and it goes backwards with some effort but seems to jump like the cambelt has slipped and is missing a couple off teeth. the same happens turning it forward but when turning it forward it eventually jams like there's something bent internally almost like its seized but its not.

I've cut my losses and im going to change the engine but someone out there might know what might have been the cause or even better might know what could be wrong :confused:.

its hard without pulling the motor apart and its a gamble if I spend the money on doing that or not.

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