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Can you use a fuel injected motor in a 1969 Ford Galaxie?


New member
I'm looking for a 351W motor. Most of the ones I see in my area are fuel injected. If you can, what would I need to change?
Can I turn it into a carb motor? Would that be cheaper if you can?
I don't tend for the car to be a show car, just my play toy. I want to be able to cruse around in it and not wind up broken down on the side of the road.
yes with a but 351 windsors are tall.

if its only your play toy, it will need rewire to run all the injectors as the big gals dont run fuel injection or need return lines and high pressure efi fuel regulators. you can run it on a carborettor set up not a problem. or price up a aftermarket efi set up like MSD

a better idea would be to use a 390ci. they came out in the gal as a option. its the smallest big block ford made. and all the big block parts fit if you want it faster.

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