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Checking a Used CR-V prior to Purchase


New member

I'm a long time driver of Hondas. Put over 300K and 21 years in a '94 Accord LX. The body finally got too rusty and we sold it to a neighbor who still drives it a year later.

I'm looking for an AWD Honda, probably a 2002-2005 CR-V but haven't ruled out a Pilot.

I did search the archives to see if I could find this subject addressed to no avail.

What potential problems should I be on the lookout for. I understand the the engine has a timing chain and as long as good oil and frequent changes were used replacement in not necessary.

I am mechanically savvy and do most of the repairs on our cars, so I'm comfortable crawling under one and poking in all the crevices.

I look forward to a spirited exchange. Thanks to one and all.

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