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Cobra head info

If you want to throw on a set of 4V's, I think you would be better off with the Navi or Mach heads. Which are the same as the 03/04 Cobra obviously. But they're designed to build torque in a N/A form. This is just my opinion of course.

Even 03 Cobra heads are a good N/A head, you'll need the C intake thought. If you are going for all out N/A power, go with C heads or newer. If you are going for boosted power, the B heads will work great.

So you all are sayin I would be retarted to do so? Even though the 5.4 would reuire a higher amount of air & fuel at a lower rpm? Do you think the extra cfm required for a 5.4 would offset the extra flow of a 4.6 at lower rpm? Ideas? Matematical formulas? Somethin? I'm REALLY have tempted to do so.
Hey, I forgot I had posted this:

03/04 Cobras, Navigators, Mach 1s, Aviators and Marauders all use the same intake cam and it is less aggressive than the 99/01 Cobra cams (which btw are identical). Additionally, the 96-98 Cobra intake cams are even more aggressive than the 99/01 Cobra cams.

The 96-98 cam specs are:

intake primary lobe 196@.050/.397 lift
secondary lobe 206@.050/.397 lift

exhaust 196@.050/.3937 lift

99/01 cams specs are:
intake 194@.050/.3937 lift
exhaust 194@.050/.3937 lift

The 96-98 cams are correct.

99/01 cams:
intake - 196 deg@.050" - .397" lift
exhaust - 196 deg@.050" - .397" lift

2003-2004 cams:
intake - 186 deg@.050" - .397" lift (Navi intake cam)
exhaust - 196 deg@.050" - .397" lift

All are on a 114 LSA

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