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Codes and ghost activities


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So I am new to Benz as I've always been an Audi person and I've gotten a 2002 c230 kompressor hatchback and it's like a ghost car !

The previous owner explained the alarm was going off when the car was started but runs and drives . He explains there is now no horn to allow him to drive.

The windshield wipers turn on at the highest setting as soon as I turn the key in the car. They do not turn off by the switches at all. I thought it was rain sensor so I uncovered it and unplugged the sensor but still continued .
Also, the brake light stays on continuously no matter if I press the brake or not . Of course this is a huge hazard while driving .
Another is when I turn off the lights and exit the car, the passenger low beam light stays on , if I switch to a different light setting the driver will turn in and vice versa until it decided it's had enough fun.
Lastly (I hope) is when I use the remote to unlock and lock the car, the lock makes a rapid up and down motion and sometimes doesn't lock or unlock .

PLEASE IM BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP ! This is my daily and I'm not trying to cause an accident over the brake lights and the wipers a ferociously annoying !

Here are some codes I pulled
C1212 abs outlet valve coil rf circuit short to battery
C1210 terminal 30 under voltage
C1174 park brake switch #2 applied circuit failure
B1003 error with water circulation pump

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