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Digital player for 1979 Mercedes-Benz 300 SD?


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Hello there,

I have a ninety-minute commute and am looking to redeem some of that time, so I checked a popular online retail website (named after a jungle) for a digital player that would both 1) fit my car and 2) accept input from my iPhone (and hopefully a USB stick with MP3 files, etc.).

The problem is, my car is a 1979/1980 (sometimes classified under both years since it came out late 1979) Mercedes-Benz 300 SD. Now this website helpfully offers a menu through which you specify your car model and it will tell you what fits. When I entered "1979 Mercedes Benz 300 SD" the search came back with ZERO digital players.

This is understandable since my car is 30 years old, but is there really absolutely nothing that will fit? I did a web search but the only real results were manufacturer/dealer showrooms who no doubt charge an arm und ein Bein (leg) for brand products.

Can anyone recommend a specific digital player, one that would fit without extensive modifications to either the car or the player? Failing that, do you know of any practical workarounds or other solutions? I wish I could just use my iPhone by itself but being older and diesel my car is a little too noisy.

Thank you in advance for any and all help. I really do appreciate it.

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