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Exactly what would it take, besides a good bit of cash, to get a Holden Ute...


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...SV6 imported from Australia? If you haven't seen them, check them out. While not technically an "El Camino," they are made by GM.
I do like the Ute. It would be a fresh design for GM here in the States. However, GM needs to look at their price structure. There is no reason any vehicle, the Ute included, should cost 30-40k USD. If Ford lowered their prices, what with GM and Chrysler filing bankruptcy, they'd own the market. They would absolutely kill. And, no, I wouldn't have it converted.
not that much really around 5k aus $ from memory
i suggest to go through a transport Company as they do the lot for you.
like leasing a container and secure the vehicle in it.
do you intend on converting it to left hand drive over there?
i worked on various wharfs around oz and it,s usually the other way round with people importing us made cars to here.
it,s nice you like the Holden and did you know the GTO Pontiac is really a Holden Monaro
and i,m sure the emission standards will comply

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