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Front End Clunking when braking HARD


New member
Hi there, I have 2011 Flex SEL, non turbo, 2WD. Im having an issue when I "Stab" the brake pedal. There is a loud clunk and thud from the center and side of the vehicle. To me it sounds like the CV axles are loose. The car is at a Ford dealership right now. It does have a warranty on it. I am being told they can't figure out what the noise is or where its coming from. I find this hard to believe. A noise as loud as this can't be found? There is also a faint clicking noise that I've associated with the CV axles starting to give way, but again I've been told axles are good. Anyone have any input on this? I always do my repairs on my vehicles, but I figured the dealership should be able to handle this. Thanks for your input!


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