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I have a 2001 Taurus and have to replace front cover gasket, my question is does the oil pan gasket have to be dropped to replace gasket on it also, why I want to know is it has the redesigned gasket that NAPA sells, Thanks for help.:D
On average the lifespan of rubber seals or gaskets is between 10 & 12 years.. if you must replace one gasket, I would replace others around the same time.. More of less depending on what gasket one needs to replace. I mean I would tear down the engine just to replace all the seals and gaskets.. but I would suggest replacing the oil pan as well.

However as a side note to this.. on 3 other vehicles we've in the past (all used) we've had to replace several gaskets and seals over the years.. But be warned and check the specs before you buy anything from Fel-Pro gasket company.. Our Fel-pro gaskets were not milled or molded correctly at the time of installation.

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