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Harsh harsh ride on xd

Jesse dawg

New member
Hi all
I just bought a used 2014 scion xd - love the car perfect for me and dogs.
BUT the ride is very bad on anything even small bumps or mild washboard.
It is a lease back and came with dunlop sp5000 tire which are classified as a high
Performance sport tire .
So my questions are does anyone have problems with harsh ride on xd -? I ve read
A number of reviews on vehicle and no mention of ride problems - I realize this is a small
Car and smooth ride is not really to be expected but it's brutal.
I suspect the tires are the problem- does anyone here have any recommendations on tires
For the xd ?
Any input would be appreciated..
Ps thinking of putting hankook optimo 4s - anyone try these on xd?

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