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High Mileage T100


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I'm looking at buying a T100, but I can't seem to find one in good condition with less than 200k miles on it. The one in particular that I like is a 95 SR5 in very good condition with 232,000 miles and he's asking $3200. I drive approximately 50 miles/day round trip to and from work. Would buying this truck be a stupid decision or can I expect it to last a few years as a daily commuter with that many miles on it. I know Toyotas can last forever, is this worth the risk?


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What will the purpose of the T-100 serve? Just a daily driver? Do you need the requirements of the truck's utility? Will the daily drive be highway or city/mixed? MPG can be good...but not great. It's rated fer 16mpg city and 19mpg highway fer an automatic transmission.

When was the timing belt/water pump serviced/replaced? Were the idler/tension rollers replaced? Are the valve gaskets leaking? Any rust or body damage? Any other maintenance issues? Have you looked under the vehicle carefully? Are you gonna have a mobile mechanic check the truck over BEFORE you buy it? If you do (I highly suggest that you do) git a mechanic that will have a guarantee with the check up.

What area are you from? Prices will vary depending on the area as well as the condition of the truck. 2WD or 4WD? Any other accessories (camper top, aftermarket wheels, aftermarket audio, etc)?

My 1998 T-100 SR5 extra cab has over 360,00 miles on it... :D


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Thanks very much for that Sandange I watched the videos and it appears that the the cold weather low and high mileage Q3 charge profiles were almost identical in character. Would you agree?

If so, that is pretty reasuring


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