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How likely is it that this brought broke during a transmission


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replacement (07 Ford Freestyle)? My 2007 FWD Ford Freestyle has 66k miles on it currently. The car just came out of some major repair work, the transmission and water pump just have been replaced. We purchased the car with 50k miles on it and after having the transmission replaced I determined that the transmission was going prior to purchasing but I've never dealt with a CVT transmission before so the wind up sound I hear initially from stop I thought was normal engine noise.

Anyways I'm going off topic, so the day we got the car back (all repairs covered under an extended warranty) if we crank the wheel all the way to the right it pops. I'm assuming this is the CV Joint has gone bad.

My question is in order to access the transmission doesn't the axle have to get removed and couldn't that damage the CV joint accidentally ? While I only have to cover a $250.00 dollar deductible I feel like shelling out another $250.00 bucks on a car we've only had 7 months now and only has 66 thousand miles if I can say this is the fault of the repair and needs to be covered completely.

Thanks to all who answer in advance.
It should be part broke not brought broke

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