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How many sunroof drains on my 2011 SL


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My 2011 Altima SL had a sunroof leak I and couldn't unclog either of the two front drain tubes (couldn't access any drains at the rear). To see if I had clogged rear drains I poured a little water into each side rail to flow to the rear. I got a dribble - from behind each rear tire. So I asked my dealer to check/unclog all four drains.

The repair order said he only unclogged front drains. He said that my VIN only had front drains and that the rear drains route forward and join the front drains and all the water comes out behind the front tires - nothing behind the rear tires. I don't know whether I should believe that.

Are there also drains (2) at the R & L rear?

Thanks, Gary

5/7 - Have an update. After starting this thread earlier I decided to check the front drains. They're still completely clogged. OMG, yeah. This is straightforward. The problem isn't intermittent or otherwise hard to diagnose. Water is supposed to come out. Water doesn't come out.

I tried to get at the drain end on the driver's side but after removing a few screws it wasn't clear how to get panels out of the way. Anyway, I'm 79 and have crawled under enough cars.

5/8 - This isn't a serious issue but I'd like to fix this before the next storm soaks the driver's floor mat again. The forum doesn't seem to have a lot of action but hopefully someone will spot this and post a reply for me. Thanks, Gary
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