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How much should I pay for a 1985-1988 toyota Cressida?


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I've been wanting one of these for a while but every one wants about 1200 to 1600 and cars don't look into good of a condition.

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Don't pay much for a 26 years old car. 1200 - 1600 is too much as the cars don't look in a good condition but even it's hard to expect a really nice one. Check out ebay and see what are their selling prices. There has to be a really nice one that you would like, hope you find it.. Good luck


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update request

Hi, reading 1200-1600 is too much but any opinions on one that is top of the range, immaculate, always garaged, seat covers on from new, fully serviced recently, new tyres, no kids, full rego and under 87k km..??


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I am a Vintage car lover and also buy many of the old version cars on the manageable rates and then modify these cars in my workshop and then sale these models on a good rate.So if i am on your place so i would like to buy it on this rate.


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How much should I pay for a 1985 1988 toyota Cressida

Thanks Rick. Dont seem to be able to find much if any info on the k2 comp 3 and the orange e4. K2 voodoo and ift will all be available for sale if I knew what to ask for them?

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