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How Would You Re-design The Transit Connect?

Tell Ford What You Want In/On Next Years Transit Connect

1) Has to be a diesel engine, I want to go off grid so bad I can taste it, literally. The cooking oil has been saved and I'd install a small diesel still in the garage.

2) A suggested redesign would have to be the interment/gage panel. Being 6'4'' tall and sitting close to the steering wheel due to lower back issues, I'm unable to see the speedometer along with the small view screen in the center of the 2 main (round) gages. There is a molded section above these gages which wasn't designed properly and sticks out towards the driver. Either cut this section off or simply remove it. I've wanted to do this myself, but would prob end up butchering it.

3) More clearance in the wheel wells for a wider range of wheels and tires.

4) Manual Transmission Option

5) Internal/Interior power ports located towards the rear of the van

6) Duel Battery Setup Option

Other than that, this list could change at any given time.. But for me it has to be the gage cluster molding.. perhaps a "Heads Up" display could be incorporated into a future Transit Connect.

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