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Is 2001-2006 LS 430 basically the same car?


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Can someone tell me how to identify which model LS430 I have. I've bought first a 2003 LS430 and I believe it's an ULTRA as it has air suspension, light touch close doors, etc. I also have another, a 2001 LS430 I just bought that doesn't have all the bells and whistles as my 2003. How many different variations of LS430 were made during years 2001-2006?

I assume the LS400 was the first variation of this sedan????

Is there someplace that can tell me what model I have based features? Does VIN number distinguish what version I have and if so, where do I look it up?

Sorry for being undeducated, but I know someone here will school me on these questions.

Thanks so much,


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