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Is a Ford Freestyle a good first car?


New member
I'm a 17 year old girl and a senior in high school. I test drove a Ford Freestyle yesterday and I loved it but is it a weird car to have for your first car? It's been serviced and everything is great with it. I love how advanced it is being an 06 so I can sit comfortably and see everything around me. Is it a bad idea?

christopher s

New member
Its a good choice, the Freestyle is essentially the successor to the Ford Taurus Wagon, remade as a crossover SUV. The car is reliable and safe without looking to old for you. Its a unique choice for a teen, yes, but its not like its a minivan or anything. I would say you are making a good choice. My wife has a similar problem, she is not very tall and needs a vehicle she can "see out of" easily.

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