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Is a Mercedes AMG SL 500 a good car?


New member
I am not really into cars but this car got my attention. Is it a good car? Should I purchase it or what? And is their a car of the same kind but with four doors. I know that it is a really fast car but I don't think it is worth the price since it only contain two seats.


New member
The closest you can get to a SL 4 door is a CLS and there is no AMG 500SL, the 500SL is cheaper and there's the SL63 AMG with more power, a bigger engine, and bigger price tag. Same kinda thing goes for the CLS but I think it's cheaper

mark m

New member
A car's "value" is hardly determined by the number of seats it has, i.e, a '57 Porsche 356 Speedster, or in this case, an AMG 500SL. If the number of passengers it will accommodate is your "yardstick", get yourself a Dodge Caravan, a Honda Odyssey, or something similarly pedestrian. Better yet, buy a used school bus.

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