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Kia Sedona 2011-2015 Owners- Provide your opinion


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Richard Miller Associates is a Marketing Research company who has been in the industry for 30+ years. We do research on various topics (electronics, auto, appliances, etc) for leading manufacturers of consumer products. We pay you by check at the end of each in person research study such as the following one where we're looking to receive the opinions and feedback from current Minivan owners who are interested in participating in an auto clinic. The research involves evaluating specific aspects of vehicles in person with a group of ~10 of your peers.

If you are a KIA SEDONA OWNER between the ages of 45-60 and interested in participating in a paid marketing research Automobile Clinic in Long Beach, CA, please review the following information and sign-up on the link provided below.

• The clinic will take place in Long Beach, CA November 13-15th.
• You will be compensated $200-$300 for 90 Minutes or 3 Hours of your time by check immediately following the 90minutes or 3 hour session.
• A PHOTO of your automobile as well as an additional photo of you next to your automobile will be required in order to confirm that you are qualified and own the right vehicle.
For more information and to see if you qualify for the study, please click on the following link complete the short survey.

Thank you

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