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Kia Sedona Rear A/C Blower Location, Blower Not Working

Bob the Medic

New member
The Rear Blower in my 2006 Kia Sedona has quit. Lights on panel are lit but no blower. Fuse in engine bay looks fine. Other research points to a Resister on the blower unit itself. BUT, where is the rear blower unit located? I stopped in to my Kia dealer and the service manager was less than helpful.. Ok, frankly evasive. He said he did not know where it was and they didn't have shop manuals. I asked how would they find it...he said he'd just start looking around. Rolled my eyes and left. Can anybody offer some quick advise. Going on vacation tomorrow. Thanks in advance.


New member
Hi Bob -

We have a 2006 Kia Sedona and have been having a/c problems as well. Since it is a dual system, we had to track a leak and found another condenser, etc under the passenger side rear tire. We had to pull out all the panels, but finally found it. However, after replacing a few parts, we continue to have issues. Hope this helps.

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