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need a driver side mirror for my 2002 Sequoia Limited


New member
Been trying to find a replacement for the driver side mirror on my 2002 Sequoia Limited SUV. The fold motor no longer works. It has been a challenge trying to find the right mirror with a compatible plug. My mirror is power adjust and power fold. Not heated and has no turn signal light in it.

Trying to avoid paying my Toyota Dealer $380.00 + tax.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.


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good luck! Had problems with my 04 Limited driver side mirror and was not able to find an aftermarket mirror. My dealer wanted 500+ to replace the mirror so I just manually adjust it.


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Im looking for a right side passenger side on LHD cars mirror for my 84. GTV6.
Any idea where could I find one ?
Does any other model use same kind of a mirror ?

Mario, Croatia

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