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Now taken delivery of my CT200h SE-L Premier which I ordered in January but the wait has been worth it. I've moved from the RX450h which has been quiet a change but having driven the CT for just a few days I am enjoying the feel and response of the CT. I know its early days but I am looking forward to a long drive as the seats are much more comfortable than the RX. Early indications on mileage (after 121 miles) are good with the car showing 63 miles per gallon (UK miles) although is more likely to be in the region of 55 in real time! This is much better than the RX which used to get about 35 mpg in real time over the 2 years of ownership. Now on my 4th Lexus and so far not been disappointed with the experience or the excellent service from our local dealership. Look forward to learning more about the CT from the forum over the next few years.

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