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New tires and shocks


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I recently had to replace tires and shocks on my 2009 Grand Marquis LS. Since the Michelin LX4 Energy tires are no longer available, I looked around and ended up with Yokohama tires and KYB shock in the rear and KYB struts with new springs in the front. I also had a complete 4 wheel alignment. All I have to say is Oh, My God what a difference. I have had the car since new and it has never driven and ridden so well. The Yokohama tires are a vast improvement, quiet and smooth as silk. The KYB shocks are a vast improvement over the Motorcraft ones. These are amazing cars and if maintained reasonably will last for years in comfort.


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About 2 years ago I installed Monroes at the rear. They were trash in less than a year. I tracked down some Motorcraft shocks and put those on. All I have to say is that my car rides quite firm now with these (ASH24538). My car does not have the handling suspension.
To bad I did not see your post about the KYB's before then. I can always try them next time.

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