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Previa will turn over but not start


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Hello All,

The back story: 1993 Previa, 305k miles was running fine 5 minutes earlier. My wife came home from running to the store and came to the gate she put it in park (still running) opened the gate jumped back in put it in drive and it quit and will not start. Last night I checked the fuel pump (removed and jumped across the relay) I could hear the fuel pump so I am assuming the pump is good. Today I'll start looking at ignition system and see if I have spark. Has anyone heard of an issue like this? Kinda strange...

If anyone can point me at some possible areas I would be grateful.

Ok, I have no spark (or very very weak) at the plug.

Thanks in advance
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Previa will crank but not start

Hi, same problem, but, I started and stopped the van for short times while replacing a water heater, then move the van into the garage and the van would not start. I cranked but no start. I had it towed to my mechanic, he pushed the gas pedal all the way to the floor, held it and cranked and start the engine, rough at first. He said after a series of short starts the engine can flood and the foot to the floor method bypasses the fuel delivery and gives the spark plugs a chance to fire in the cylinders. Glad to pay $50 for the repair.
This something to try first in the garage. Maybe it will work for you.

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