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temperature gauge on 85 oldsmobile toronado?


New member
I'm having problems with my temperature gauge on my car....... When it heats up its fine but every time i put my foot on the gas it goes up to the line b4 it gets to the red but when i take my food off the gas it slowly goes down by to normal.....

P.S. I changed my clutch fan cause i had this problem b4 and everything was fine but now it starting back..... My guess is that its my thermostat that might be stuck.... Any feed back???? And thanks for taking the time out to help me solve this problem.


New member
it might be the temperature sending unit acting up ! if the thermostat was sticking it would either overheat or run too cold !

Country Boy

New member
You need a new electrical temperature sensor which screws into the cylinder head. The only way a thermostat would be bad is if the temperature gauge registered no temperature or if the temperature rose to the red zone.

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