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Tires for 2007 FJ Crusier


New member
I was recently informed I need to buy new tires for my 2007 FJC. I was quoted what I believe is an outrageous price for two tires. In checking the various other brands of tires within my tire size, of course, I found I could get 4 tires for the price I was quoted for 2 tires.

I would like to request information from the forum on what brand and type of tires used on your 2007 FJCrusier. I have the Dunlop 265/70-17
s113 on my FJC now.

Thanks in advance for you feedback.


New member
You could try OEM wheels for 07 FJ cruiser, even Nitto Trail Grapplers, and Interco TSL Super Swamper LTB Bias Ply Tires. Just have to decide what size tires you want that would fit.

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