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took my car(1981 Mercedes 300 sd turbo diesel) for radiator flush and now


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since then car overheats. Did something go wrong at the shop? Hi, I have a 1981 300sd turbo diesel Mercedes. I recently had the radiator flushed for no reason other than I had never got it done since buying the car back in 2011. Well ever since I got it back from the shop a couple weeks ago, the line has been going past halfway mark up to 3/4 mark on temp. gage. It never did that before I took it in to have it flushed. Obviously something went wrong when they flushed it. Is it common for an older model Mercedes to overheat when getting radiator flushed. I'm not crazy, something did go wrong right? I should take it back and tell them shouldn't I. Oh and one more thing. I have had to put water in my car 3 times since I got it back from the shop. In my entire 3 years of owning this car, I've put water maybe twice in the radiator. Your help is greatly appreciated.


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It seems they messed something up. If you have to keep putting water in it, it is leaking. Whether or not they did it on purpose like messing up the water pump or something is anyone's guess.

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